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AL174 - HOLI Scale's AL174 Load Cell: Ushering in a New Era of Weighing Precision

Introducing HOLI Scale's AL174 load cell, a game-changer in high-precision weighing with a robust capacity of up to 750kg. Crafted with premium aluminium and cutting-edge technology, the AL174 sets a new industry standard. Experience unparalleled accuracy with HOLI Scale's finest.
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In the realm of high-precision weighing, there's a new benchmark in town: the HOLI Scale's AL174 load cell. As industries evolve and the demand for accurate measurement solutions intensifies, the AL174 emerges as a cutting-edge instrument designed to elevate weighing processes to new heights.

Beyond High Accuracy
Touted for its high accuracy, the AL174 offers an impressive capacity of up to 750kg. This formidable capability ensures it caters to a broad spectrum of industrial applications, from manufacturing to logistics, offering unparalleled accuracy even at its maximum weight limit.

Aluminium Mastery
True to HOLI Scale's commitment to quality, the AL174 is crafted from premium aluminium. This not only enhances its durability but also provides resistance against environmental adversities, ensuring consistent performance throughout its lifespan.

The Advantage of the AL174
Set in a class of its own, the AL174 is more than just a weighing instrument. It's a testament to HOLI Scale's relentless pursuit of excellence. Designed for applications that demand nothing but the best, it exemplifies the perfect synergy of advanced engineering and unmatched precision.

Widening Horizons
While the market is replete with load cells, the AL174's combination of high capacity and pin-point accuracy is a rarity. It is this distinguishing factor that makes it a preferred choice for industries that cannot afford even the slightest margin of error.

In Conclusion
The AL174 load cell by HOLI Scale is not just a product but a paradigm shift in weighing solutions. Its introduction signals a future where accuracy isn't a luxury but a standard. For those who seek perfection in measurement, the AL174 is the gold standard.

Parameter Value Units
Rated capacity (Emax) 50 / 75 / 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 / 500 / 750 kg
Accuracy class C3 C3MR C6
Maximum number of LC intervals (nmax) 3000 2*3000 6000
Min. LC verification interval (vmin) Emax/5000 Emax/10000 g
Temp. effect on zero balance ± 0.0028 ± 0.0014 % of Emax/℃
Zero balance ± 0.1 mV/V
Rated output 2.0 mV/V
Rated output tolerance ± 0.2 mV/V
Temp. effect on rated output  +20…+40℃ ± 0.00175 ± 0.00175 ± 0.00087 % of AL/℃
                                           -10…+20℃ ± 0.00117 ± 0.00117 ± 0.00058
Hysteresis error ± 0.0175 ± 0.0175 ± 0.0105 % of Emax
Non-linearity error ± 0.0175 ± 0.0175 ± 0.0105 % of Emax
Min. dead load output return ± 0.0166 ± 0.0166 ± 0.0083 % of AL
Offer center load error(OIML R76) ± 0.0044 ± 0.0044 ± 0.0026 % of AL/cm
Terminal resistance Excitation 404 ± 15 Ω
Output 350 ± 3 Ω
Insulation resistance @50VDC >2000
Excitation voltage Recommended 10 V AC/DC
Maximum 15 V AC/DC
Temperature range Compensated -10 to +40
Operating -10 to +50
Safe storage -25 to +70
Load limit Safe 150 % of Emax
Ultimate 300 % of Emax
Protection Type Silicone rubber over gage
IP rating IP65
OIML / European Approval OIML Cert. No. R60-2017-A-NL1-22.23
European Cert. No. TC11565
Class C6
nmax 6000
NTEP Approval Cert. No. 23-026
Class III
nmax 6000
Cable Length 2.5 m
Type 4-wire, PVC
Diamater Φ6
Construction Aluminum
Maximum platform size 600 x 600 mm
Recommended torque up to 300kg: 25 / above 300kg: 30 N.m
Notes: The values for linearity, hysteresis and temp. effect on rated output are recommended values, the sum of these data meets the requirements according to OIML R60.


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