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Lift Truck Scale

Customized Scale Complete kit include the weighing display, pressure sensor, accessories and manual.


Operating temp -10~50℃ ambient. Humidity < 90% non-condensing.
Storage temp 20~50℃ ambient.
IP rating Indicator: IP65; pressure transducer: IP67.
External materials ABS, silicon, nylon, acrylic (halogen free), SS304, 17-4PH SS.
Power supply 7 to 24VDC, 0.5Amax without printer. 12VDC only with printer
Power fuse 1A slow blow, 20x5mm (located behind rear cover of indicator).
Hydraulic con JIC/UNF 9/16-18.
Rated pressure 5000psi.
Outputs RS-232 printer output. 2 isolated transistor drive outputs (300mA total at 12VDC).



Wheel Loader Scale

The wheel loader scale is an automatic measure for the bulk material during the loading process. It is an effective means to enhance the loading and unloading operation of the freight yard and coal mines, prevent overload and underload, and improve the efficiency and benefits of loading and unloading operations.


High-precision and fast weight capture
Easy operation and management
Save Cost
Large storage space 
Simple installation and retrofitting 
High frequency dynamic sampling 
-vibration digital filtering
Acceleration compensation
Overall EMC design, strong anti-interference ability, suitable for industrial environment

Garbage Truck Weighing Scale


  •   Accuracy: ±1%. 
  •   Fully automatic dynamic weighing: the scale system can be accurately weighed and automatically accumulated while the main cylinder of the garbage truck is lifted. Accurate weighing, time-saving and efficient, and does not affect the normal loading. 
  •  Simple structure and easy operation. 
  • Automatic angle compensation, automatic temperature compensation; when the vehicle affects the weighing equipment under angle and temperature fluctuations, the system automatically compensates for accuracy. 
  • English interface, real-time display: can display the gross weight (or net weight) of a single barrel, the statistical weight of various working time periods, job status prompts, and the amount of work. 
  • Quick editing function: you can edit the driver's name, job site, sanitation company, and the type of material to be loaded at the same time and print on the printed document. 
  • Backup battery power-off protection: When the electronic scale suddenly shuts down, the stored data can still retain the weighing data. 
  • According to the user's request whether to send the test data to the host computer outside the vehicle, you can use the "GPRS" method to send.

Heavy-duty Portable Mining Axle Scale


Ultra-low profile, large capacity.
Heavy-duty, strong structure.
Easy to transport.
High Accuracy.
Wireless and wired optional. 
Wheel weight, Axle weight and Total weight could be displayed separately.

Truck Scale 200-500T


Capacity 200-500t, dimension customized.
Heavy-duty weighbridge, strong structure.
Automatic professional welding ensures lasting strength.
High-quality painting, anti-rust.

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