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Rated capacities: 500kg ... 2.5t for OIML
500lb/1000lb/1500lb/2000lb/3000b/4000lb/5000b for NTEP
Nickel plated alloy steel constuction
Sealing: hermetically welded, IP67
OIML Cert.No.R60-2017-A-NL1-22.04
NTEP Cert. 17-113
Low profile construction
AS130 alloy steel load cell with its robust durability, waterproof and dust-proof capabilities, compliance with international standards, and diverse adaptation and support options, has become an indispensable component across a wide range of industrial fields. Whether in industrial production, construction materials, food production, or medical engineering, this sensor leverages its unique advantages to create value for users.
  • AS130

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Robust and Durable Alloy Steel Material: Manufactured using high-quality alloy steel material, AS130 sensor ensures remarkable durability and resistance to wear and tear. This enables the sensor to perform reliably in challenging environments, ensuring stable performance over extended periods.

Outstanding Waterproof and Dust-proof Performance: The sensor's design takes into account protective measures, allowing it to excel even in humid and dusty environments. Its excellent sealing properties safeguard the internal components from moisture and particles, maintaining accuracy and reliability.

Compliance with International Standards: AS130 sensor complies with the OIML R60 standard, a globally recognized certification for industrial weighing applications. Additionally, obtaining OIML/NTEP certification further validates its reliability and precision.

Versatile Adaptation Options: Designed with flexibility in mind, this sensor is suitable for a range of applications. With fixed measurement range sizes and a low profile, it easily adapts to various modules. This flexibility provides users with more options, ensuring optimal performance in diverse work environments.

Multiple Supporting Accessories: AS130 sensor can be equipped with a variety of supporting accessories, making it suitable for various weighing needs, such as platform scales, tanks, and batching applications. This means users can customize based on specific requirements, better meeting the demands of different application scenarios.

Parameter Value Units
Rated capacity (Emax) 500 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 kg
500 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 2500 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000 lb
Accuracy class C3 C4 C5
Maximum number of LC intervals (nmax) 3000 4000 5000
Min. LC verification interval (vmin) Emax / 5000 Emax / 10000 kg
Temp. effect on zero balance ± 0.0028 ± 0.0014 % of Emax/℃
Rated output 2.0  mV/V
Rated output tolerance ± 0.1 % of Emax
Zero balance ± 1.0 % of Emax
Temp. effect on rated output  +20…+40℃ ± 0.00175 ± 0.0013 ± 0.00105 % of AL/℃
                                           -10…+20℃ ± 0.00117 ± 0.0009 ± 0.0007
Hysteresis error ± 0.0175 ± 0.0131 ± 0.0105 % of Emax
Non-linearity error ± 0.0175 ± 0.0131 ± 0.0105 % of Emax
Min. dead load output return ± 0.0166 ± 0.0125 ± 0.01 % of AL
Terminal resistance Excitation 385 ± 15 Ω
Output 350 ± 3 Ω
Insulation resistance @50VDC >5000
Excitation voltage Recommended 10 V AC/DC
Maximum 15 V AC/DC
Temperature range Compensated -10 to +40
Operating -30 to +65
Safe storage -40 to +80
Load limit Safe 150 % of Emax
Ultimate 300 % of Emax
Protection Type Hermetically welded
IP rating IP67
OIML / European Approval OIML Cert. No. No.R60-2017-A-NL1-22.04
European Cert. No. TC12252
Class C5
nmax 5000
NTEP Approval Cert. No. 23-057
Class III single cell, III L Multiple cell
nmax 4000
Cable Length 2.5 m
Type 4-wire, PVC
Diameter Φ5
Construction Alloy steel
Recommended torque 98 N.m
Notes: The values for linearity, hysteresis and temp. effect on rated output are recommended values, the sum of these data meets the requirements according to OIML R60.


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