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HL318 Plus Series OIML/NTEP

When it comes to top-quality weighing indicators, the HL318Plus series from Jiangsu Hongli Weighing Equipment Co., Ltd. Undoubtedly stands out as a remarkable choice. This series, backed by OIML certification, ensures conformity with international standards for accuracy and performance, delivering outstanding results for a variety of weighing applications.
  • HL318 Plus

  • HOLI


Accuracy Classlll
Sampling rate120 times/second
Material of caseABS plastic
Load cell sensitivityrate1.5~3mv/V
Scale division1/2/5/10/20/50 optional
DisplayDisplay 6 digit, 7 function keys, word height1.2”(LED)/1.6”(LCD)                        
7 state indicator lamps. Long service life and shock resistance
Protection levelIP5x
InterfaceRS232C; Baudrate:1200/2400/4800/9600 optional
Power supply

Standard version:

Battery 6V/4AH lead-acid battery.

Adaptor: Input voltage 100-240VAC; Output voltage 7V/1A; frequency: 50-60Hz

Optional version:

Battery 7.4V/4AH Li-ion battery is optional

Adapter: Input voltage 100-240VAC; Output voltage 8.4V/1.2A; frequency: 50-60Hz

Excitation voltage+5VDC
Load capacity of sensorAt most 4x350Ω simulation sensors
Input signal range of null point0-5mV
Input signal range of full scale1-10 mV
Inner resolution1 million
Standard Ports2xRS232 ports
Using temperature-10°C~40°C
Storage temperature-20°C~60°C
Relative humidity<85%RH


1. A/D conversion with high precision, readability up to 1/30000

2. Special software technology that enhance vibration resistance of the system

3. Automatic screen protection and automatic power off for energy saving

4. With RS232 communication port of baud rate selectable and communication form selectable

5. Counting scale function; Accumulative scale function; Animal scale function

6. Function of alarm for upper and lower limit

7. Peak value holding function

8. Weight percentage display

9. Bluetooth function (optional)

10. OIML/NTEP approval

11.Real time clock function is optional

12.Font size:1.2°±(LED)1.6°±(LCD)

User-Friendly Interface:

The HL318Plus series boasts an intuitive user interface that sets it apart. Its user-friendly design makes operations effortless and natural, catering to users of all experience levels. This user-friendliness guarantees swift adaptation without the need for extensive training.

Customizable Settings and Advanced Connectivity Options:

Recognizing that each application comes with distinct requirements, the HL318Plus series of indicators allows users to customize settings as per their needs. This high degree of flexibility empowers users to tailor the indicator to fit specific measurement tasks. Furthermore, advanced connectivity options enable seamless integration with other devices, facilitating intelligent data management and sharing.

High-Precision A/D Conversion:

Utilizing high-precision A/D conversion technology, the HL318Plus series achieves a resolution of up to 1/30000. This capability ensures the capture of minute weight changes, guaranteeing accurate measurement results across various weight ranges.

Smart Energy-Saving Features:

In pursuit of a more environmentally friendly and efficient user experience, the HL318Plus series is equipped with automatic screen protection and an auto-power-off function. These features not only extend the device's lifespan but also contribute to reduced energy consumption, thus positively impacting the environment.

Font Size:

The font size accommodates diverse user preferences. Whether displayed on an LED or LCD screen, users can select a font size that suits them best, ensuring clear and readable information presentation.

In conclusion, the HL318Plus series from Jiangsu Hongli Weighing Equipment Co., Ltd. shines with its user-friendly interface, customizable settings, precision measurement, and intelligent features. Backed by OIML certification, it guarantees accuracy and performance in line with international standards, providing users with a dependable weighing solution. Whether in industrial or commercial settings, the HL318Plus series stands as a trustworthy choice.

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