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Forklift Scale_Frame Weighing Type

Frame-type Forklift Scale with an extraordinary precision level of 1/1000. This innovative forklift enables real-time weight measurement of goods while handling, offering unmatched convenience and efficiency for logistics and warehousing operations.
Accuracy: 1/1000
Wireless indicator optional.
  • CE 


Instant Weighing: The Forklift Scale allows you to obtain immediate weight measurements of goods during handling, eliminating the need for additional steps or interruptions.

High Precision: Achieve pinpoint accuracy with the incorporation of advanced technology, delivering weight measurements with a precision of 1/1000.

Time and Labor Savings: Simultaneously perform weighing and handling tasks without the need to weigh goods separately first, resulting in time and labor savings.

Real-time Monitoring: Stay informed about weight fluctuations in real-time, facilitating efficient transport and warehousing planning.

Reduced Errors: Combining weighing and handling tasks reduces potential errors caused by multiple transfers and weighing.

Versatile Applications: Suitable for various industries including logistics, warehousing, and manufacturing, catering to diverse weighing needs.

User-Friendly Operation: The Forklift Scale features an intuitive control interface, ensuring operators can easily navigate through the process.

Space Efficiency: Compared to traditional forklifts and standalone weighing platforms, the Mobile Forklift Scale occupies less space, optimizing warehouse space utilization.

Suitable Scenes:

Weighing and handling of goods in logistics and warehousing

Distribution of raw materials and weight control on production lines

Cargo loading, unloading, sorting, and distribution tasks.

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