Why do customers love our products?
 Aug 20, 2019|View:2109

1. Hongli Weighing always respects intellectual property rights, and we also respect the customer's choice and customer's privacy protection. We do our utmost to ensure that the customer's information is not leaked. In the process of growing up, we are also working hard. Learn all kinds of legal knowledge and communicate honestly with customers. The improvements we have made include, but are not limited to, signing confidentiality agreements; protecting customer drawings and stamping “top secret” seals, classifying and sorting according to ISO management requirements, and storing relevant documents by special personnel, etc., with maximum efforts to ensure The information is not leaked.

2, Hongli Weighing established the quality management team headed by the chairman of the board of directors, the quality department, the production department, the technical department, the person in charge is responsible for the production process inspection of the product, the semi-finished product inspection, the finished product inspection and the pre-shipment sampling. The biggest effort is to ensure that there are no quality issues with the shipment. Of course, our inspection projects are also increasing with the customers pointing out our problems. Because different countries have different national conditions, some important projects may be missed, but once the customers have pointed out, we will increase them to us in the most reasonable way. In the inspection project to ensure the same mistakes will not be made twice.

3. Hongli Weighing has always been known for its high quality and long-term stability and durability, but all of this is guaranteed by the craftsmanship of Seiko. The weighing is from the initial price calculation to delivery. Confirmation, as well as subsequent manufacturing, process flow, and final delivery inspection, are all finely crafted, so the price of the nuclear price and the quotation will increase compared with other countries, because we must ensure that every penny of the customer is spent. It has value, and our nuclear price personnel are long-term employees with rich production and technical experience, which are led by the chairman of the board of directors. They carefully calculate various cost prices because we believe that the extensive quotation may result in not the interests of the manufacturer. Damage is the loss of customer interests, we just want to find the most reasonable balance point, so that both sides win.

4. Some customers often encounter delays in the delivery of Grace, but on the one hand this is limited by the production capacity of Grace, because the reasons for the fine work mentioned above, the production process and the results are strictly Inspection, sometimes encounter quality problems, we would rather scrap and redo to ensure that the goods are delivered to the customer is in a perfect state. Therefore, in the face of some problems, we have adopted an attitude of insisting on putting an end to it, preferring to postpone delivery and are not willing to hand over unqualified products to customers.

5. The design and manufacturing capabilities of Grace's weighing are well known. Grace has already proved it with many opportunities. As long as the requirements are given, Grace can best meet the customer's needs and target price, from design and development. , to sample production, process development, final sample testing, all completed by the Hongli team, and the customer satisfaction rate of more than 95% at one time, so far Hongli weighing has been designed and manufactured for users in more than a dozen countries very professional Special weighing instruments, customer return and replacement caused by product quality problems have never occurred.

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